Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the end-to-end management of goods and services on their path from origin to consumer. From the procurement of raw materials to retail delivery of finished product, SCM seeks to optimize forecasting, inventory and transportation to maximize efficiency, reduce cost and align supply with demand.

We, at The Glass Door CES, have designed the SCM Course to help you:

  • To apply core methodologies (probability, statistics, optimization) used in supply chain modeling and analysis.
  • To understand and use fundamental models to make trade-offs between forecasting, inventory, and transportation.
  • To design supply chain networks as well as financial and information flows.
  • To understand how supply chains act as systems and interact.
  • How technology is used within supply chains from fundamentals to packaged software systems.
  • End to end supply chain management

Our Courses will help you prepare for your International Supply Chain Accredited Certification Exams like CSCM or CSCP.