MS Excel has almost a billion users worldwide. It is an electronic spreadsheet and considered as the most essential application in MS Office package. The application provides an outstanding combination of functions and tools for working with quantitative data analyzing, reporting and decision making.


Through this basic excel training course, you will have a good understanding of MS Excel and will be able to expand your capabilities on Excel and will be able to use Excel in day to day scenario.

We will help you step by step in learning the basics of MS Excel, including:

  • Understanding the Display Screen
  • Working with the Ribbon
  • Exploring the File Tab
  • Working with the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Working with the Status Bar
  • Using Excel Help
  • Entering Constant Values
  • Using Auto Fill to Enter Data
  • Saving a Workbook
  • Inserting cell comments
  • Modifying Columns and Rows
  • Creating and Using Formulas
  • Working with Constant Values and Formulae
  • Formatting and Editing the Worksheets


This course is designed to summarize useful Excel functions, understand tools designated to help with forecast and develop business case.

We will help you step by step in learning the advanced levels of MS Excel, including:

  • Grouping, Outlining and Subtotal
  • What if Analysis
  • Pivot Table
  • Charting Pivoted Data
  • Advanced Excel Tasks
  • Creating HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP Functions
  • Introduction to Macros in Excel