We, at The Glass Door CES will assist you in implementing and professionalizing sustainable, effective project management concepts, and also assume implementation responsibility:

  • Implementation and optimization of single and multi-project management
  • Resource management consulting
  • Implementation of project management career paths
  • Execution of project management audit processes
  • Development of a project management culture
  • Implementation of project management offices and project steering committees
  • Overall project management professionalization
  • Advice on IT tools for project management

We will guide you and coach you in your project management. Although there are no standard solutions in coaching, every coaching process starts with clearly defining the matter in hand, and defining how the coach and client will work together in future. This process of collaboratively developing individual solutions to specific problems is how coaching permanently increases a client’s understanding and problem solving skills.

The coaching needs of each person can be very different. We, at The Glass Door CES have the necessary expertise, experience and a comprehensive range of competencies in the area of project management and personal coaching. And, above all, we trust your competencies. We are unbiased and neutral. We are solution and resource-oriented. We are willing to support you all the way, by approaching you as equals.

We will also assume the responsibility in:

  • Coaching for complex projects and programs
  • Coaching for project and program sponsors, managers, and teams
  • Coaching for project management processes
  • Coaching during project or program crises
  • Accompaniment of change projects and programs
  • Certification coaching

Moreover, The Glass Door CES will enable you to flexibly cover periods where you are working at peak capacity and to bring expert external know-how into your company when you are faced with unusual tasks. We will provide:

  • Temporary management of projects or programs
  • Scheduling and schedule controlling
  • Change management
  • Risk and claim management
  • Project assistance on demand
  • Handling crisis projects
  • Project management tools