Implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS) can be expensive, challenging and time consuming process. It can also distract key people from their regular day-to-day tasks.

To minimize disruptions to your business, The Glass Door CES, offers a broad range of practical solutions to assist you in implementing an EMS that meets the specific needs of your business as well as the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard.

ISO 14001:2015

We, at The Glass Door CES, offer you partial or full turnkey assistance in your organization’s quest for ISO 14001 certification.

The leadership and service we offer:

  • Initial gap assessment
  • Scope definition
  • Environmental Policy creation
  • Environmental Procedures creation
  • Setting of environmental objectives and targets
  • Establishment of a system to assess and maintain compliance with applicable legal and regulatory standards
  • Environmental Management Program creation
  • Impact/Aspect Assessment

In addition to ISO 14001 consulting services, The Glass Door CES also provide auditing for ISO 14001, including audit schedule creation, internal auditing, supplier audits, product audits, gap analysis, and external audit support.